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eBay for dummies | Power sellers share their secrets for success
By Jolayne Houtz

Some people call Cindy Shebley an eBay rock star, a top seller who teaches classes and writes books about how to sell on eBay………

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eBay For Dummies




My Day Job
by Daniel Gross

Article about  how eBay played a political roll in the presidential elections – includes an interview with and photograph by Cindy Shebley


Getting Schooled
Boost your sales by learning from experienced eBay sellers.
by Janelle Elms | Entrepreneur Magazine – September 2007
“Thinking of starting your own business on eBay? Before you do, it may be a good idea to head back to school; eBay school, that is. On eBay, you’ll find a group of trained and experienced sellers–known as Education Specialists–who can teach you the ins and outs of running a business on eBay and give you the tools you’ll need to create a successful venture…….”

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Employment: New Directions
Selling on the eBay market

By Vera M. Chan-Pool

With thousands of workers throughout the country losing their jobs due to the ever-declining economy, more and more will undoubtedly turn to the Internet to not only look for jobs but also to sell items for quick cash.

And, according to one eBay-certified business consultant and education specialist, it can be done – and done well.

“You can absolutely make a living on [eBay],” said Everett-based Cindy Shebley, one of the first 10 eBay-certified business consultants worldwide. “It’s like having any other small business.”

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